Unproductive to unstoppable

Are you a coach, consultant or other service provider with ADHD or who experiences challenges with focus and productivity?

If you’re you frustrated working day and night yet are unable to scale your business and dramatically grow your income, you’re in the right place!

Are you …

  • feeling anxious, lost, overwhelmed, overworked, undervalued or like a failure

  • working tirelessly but are still unable to scale your business and dramatically grow your income

  • wanting to get your business off the ground but don’t even know how to get started


Do you find yourself…

  • wishing you were “normal” so you can stop apologizing for not showing up or accomplishing something you set out to do

  • powerless to achieve your goals because of lack of focus and follow through

  • being derailed by jumping from idea to idea

  • unable to organize and prioritize your work so that you’re working on the right activities to achieve your goals and make you money

  • working night and day to make it work and missing time with family and friends

  • stuck and indecisive about how to handle challenges and move your business forward

  • disabled by the administrative details of your business

  • with a lack of confidence that you can successfully drive your business

  • paralyzed by being unable to make a decision or fear making the wrong decision

  • frustrated by your own procrastination


Do you need…

  • a clear path forward to your goals

  • the tools and techniques to manage your time and be productive when your brain is playing a game of ping-pong inside your head

  • systems and structures to avoid procrastination and keep you consistently productive and crossing things off your to-do list

  • an understanding of your value and what makes you different from your competitor

  • in need of accountability and someone to help you see your ADHD traits for the super powers they are, keep you motivated, provide direction and support and finally achieve your goals

Then you’re in the right place.  


How can I help?

First let me be clear, I am not an ADHD coach or therapist.  I am a business coach with ADHD, who understands that we’re wired differently and how paralyzing it can be to tackle the negative effects the symptoms can have on running our businesses.

I’m an entrepreneur with ADHD that went undiagnosed until my 40s.  I found a certain level of success in the corporate world but would get bored, become unproductive and then, like many, jump from job to job before I got fired, or I was found out for the fraud that I was. (isn’t it crazy the stories we think about ourselves?)

What I do is leverage tools and tactics that have worked successfully for myself and others to help you harness your ADHD super powers, find work arounds for your weaknesses (we all have them ADHD or not) and finally get you and your business moving forward toward your goals without the overwhelm and anxiety.

Unproductive to unstoppable

In this, one on one private mentorship program, your experience is completely customized to you and your business no matter where you're at in your journey.  Some of the topics we’ll cover are:


  • Outline clear objectives for our time together so that we can move you quickly toward your goals

  • Get clear on your business and set goals that inspire you and help you stay focused on what’s important to you

  • Understand your “Why” to serve as a motivator and a reminder of why are you doing this when you just don’t feel like it

  • Create a roadmap unique to your business

  • Implement the processes, systems and structures that will support a 6-figure business



  • Improve your productivity without stifling your amazing creativity

  • Balance your energy to be able to get more done without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

  • Develop confidence by learning your true strengths, what you love to do and how you love to do it

  • Automate, systematize or delegate boring tasks so they take less time and mental energy to complete

  • Design boundaries for your business that allow you the freedom to have the life you desire and create respect for yourself and your family



  • Discover everything about your ideal client and what their pain points are

  • Utilize your super power & expertise to create your signature program(s)

  • Get clear on the value you have to offer and how to price your offerings to create a business that lights you up


  • Develop a brand that speaks to you and your ideal client

  • Cultivate a web presence that tells your story, identifies you as the "go-to" person and draws your client to you over your competition

  • Outline a marketing strategy to build visibility and credibility

  • Leverage social media to find clients


  • Develop a personalized script for your discovery calls

  • Access to my exclusive "Coffee Time" sales approach which is like a conversation with a friend (and is super effective) without feeling pushy or salesy

  • Overcoming objections with your clients and making the sale

  • Release your money blocks and open yourself up to receive clients and money

You benefit from this approach when…

  • You are finally able to bring your unique ideas to fruition

  • You have the ability to focus on the right activities to move your business forward

  • You manage your business consistently, always focused on what inspires you

  • You have the follow-through to complete your goals without procrastinating

  • You create a business model that is more profitable, more structured and more easily managed.

  • You have the systems to automate or delegate activities that you have not passion for

  • Your new habits have you more successful and productive than you thought possible

  • You are confident in yourself and your business

  • You embrace your ADHD super powers instead of feeling guilty about your weaknesses

  • You create, and live, the life of your dreams.


What you can expect to achieve and create...

  • Clarity on what your business is and what it is not 

  • Package your expertise into your signature program (and yes, you’re already an expert and don’t need any more certifications)

  • A roadmap of your short and long-term strategy and goals that you can sustain long after the program is completed

  • Ability to have great sales calls that you (and your clients) actually enjoy, leaving clients excited to sign up with you immediately, without you feeling pushy, salesy or sleazy

  • Clarity on your price points, your value and charge your worth

  • A one-page website

  • Marketing structures and the mindset that will have you consistently earning 10K+ per month.

  • Start living as the successful, financially free woman you’ve always wanted to be!

  • And so much more...


What you’ll get…

  • A Comprehensive Welcome & Get Started Packet to get to off and running right away

  • Step-by-step instructions, checklists, and worksheets to strengthen your business, attract clients, be productive, and move forward faster in your business

  • No-brainer explanations, where you don’t have to figure out the details

  • The same business strategies I used for building my own business

  • The exact templates and scripts I use every day

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment to identify your innate strengths

  • Session recordings for future reference

  • Weekly email focus areas and encouragement


The program includes…

  • One 90+ minute mini-intensive coaching session to set your intention and goals and begin getting clarity around your business

  • Eleven 1-hour private coaching sessions where you'll receive feedback, support, specific action steps for the week to get your business up fast and start making money!

  • Weekly accountability check-ins via email and/or text during and between our sessions.

  • If you're feeling stuck in-between our calls, you'll have unlimited access to me, throughout the 90-day program, via email, Voxer or something similar that works for you

  • Access to the Love My Incredible Life Facebook Community​

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

Have questions about the program or want to make sure private mentorship is a great fit for you?


Click the button below to request a FREE 45 minute virtual coffee chat to talk about where you are, where you'd like to be, & what obstacles you're currently experiencing. We'll also see if we're a good match and if my program would be a good fit for you and your business but regardless if we are or not, this call will be jam packed full of value for you!

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