Hi, I'm Cindy Drako​, and I understand where you are because I've been there too.  Let me tell you my story.

At 6 weeks old I was adopted out of St. Elisabeth Orphanage and Home for Unwed Mothers in Yardville, New Jersey to a wonderful couple who gave me an incredible family, and a few years later, siblings to grow up with.  I was never treated any differently than my “non-adopted” brother and sister but I always knew I was different.  I was the disorganized and messy one who would take hours to clean her room because she got lost in looking through old photos, mementos, anything really.  

See back then we really didn’t know about ADHD, and if we did it was in reference to hyperactive kids who were always getting into trouble.  That was not me, I was the good girl, the people-pleaser, who was just a bit forgetful now and then, liked to start one thing after another but never actually finish anything, and who would, somehow, always seem lose track of time and come home late.

I dropped out of college during my first semester because, well just because I guess.  I got an office job and just started working.  Computers were just starting to be seen in offices then, I was like a sponge, learning everything I could, I would create training programs so that others could learn what I learned, I would have ideas on how to automate processes and create efficiencies, all things that would make me stand out as a Rockstar until I got bored. 


I started job hopping, so I could learn something new, so I could get excited by something again, and so I could avoid getting fired when my managers finally saw me as the fraud I was.  I was right?  I had to be, I was challenged by some of the most basic tasks, that would leave me procrastinating week after week, month after month.  Someone was going to eventually notice, right?  Yup time to leave again!


Funny thing happened though.  All of this job hopping gave me a very diverse set of skills that made me attractive to employers.  One day I was hired as an IT project manager, by a manager who, fairly quickly, picked up on some of my strengths.   I would ask her why the company didn’t know what our department did, or what we had to offer.  Why don’t do any marketing? Why don’t we treat this as a small business?  Shortly thereafter the boss realized that she could do some good providing the same skill set to our senior leaders trying to implement the corporate strategy.  I was one of 3 she asked to come along on this new journey.  When I thought about why, I realized that while she would never admit it, but I was NOT a very good project manager, but I was a very good entrepreneur!


We continued to reinvent ourselves but I knew I needed more.  I had worked my way up to a very good salary but what would happen when the bottom dropped out.  I was getting older and we didn’t have a retirement savings from all of my job hopping and poor money management skills.  I’ve always been pretty confident about my skills but my future prospects were looking rather dismal. 


Then one day I went to a Target store on my lunch break.  Six of the eight cashiers looked to be in their 60’s or older and in that moment I knew, that would be my fate if I didn’t do something about it now.


And there it was, my “why”.   My reason to keep plowing through the work that bored me, the reason to not procrastinate (well not as much as normal), the reason I got a coach who would hold me accountable and help me move forward quickly, and when I would get paralyzed by indecision or bogged down from new idea after new idea I just put that picture in my head, of being a Target Cashier at 60, and I would get the energy and motivation to keep going.  Success became a non-negotiable!


I figured out some tricks I could use to keep me more organized and productive, some worked and some didn’t, but when I found something that did I stuck with it until it because a habit I didn’t have to think about.


Because of these hacks I am able to keep moving my business forward and am designing my own version of a normal life that works for me and makes me happy and feeling accomplished!

So here I am now, after finally having found my own way with the help of my coach, and I'm providing the same opportunity for freedom to others.  My husband, Kevin, and I are living in a beautiful Colorado mountain home, we are passionate about food and travel, including our annual trip to our beloved Ireland, and we have plans to move there one day and use it as our base to travel the rest of the world that we haven't yet seen. 


That's freedom to me, doing work I love from anywhere in the world I want to be.

I did it and can help you do it too!


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