• Cindy Drako

5 Ways To Be More Productive

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

We all have this problem, from time to time or on a regular basis, that we're exhausted at the end of the day but can't really identify what we've done, or accomplished.

So here are 5 ways you can be more productive.

  1. Turn off all digital notifications -  Those crazy numbers on your phone icons that tell you that you have 5 new emails and 7 new Facebook notifications keep us consistently diverted from what we should be working on.  Experts say it takes up to 20 minutes to refocus on something we were working on when we get distracted even for a few minutes.

  2. Manage your energy - do you know what times of the day you have more energy?  I was constantly planning big chunks of work in the afternoons because I figured I would knock out all the little things in the morning.  But, I finally realized that my afternoons were filled with brain fog, I couldn't concentrate, especially for any length of time, and that I have more energy in the mornings.  So I switched things up and it was amazing, suddenly projects that required more effort and brain power were actually getting completed.

  3. Use the Pomodoro Method - set a timer for a certain period of time, 15, 20 even 60 minutes and be completely heads down until the timer goes off.  You can use an actual Pomodoro Tomato Timer or use an online one, or search your iPhone, android or Microsoft store for an app.

  4. Have a plan (or at least a list) - know what it is that you need to get done.  This is where good old pencil and paper, or a notebook come in handy.  Writing down what needs to get done gives you the ability to quickly check the list and get down to it instead of sitting there trying to decide what needs to be worked on next.  Keep in mind the Pareto Principle or 80/20 Rule.  80% of what we think we need to get done doesn't really need to get done.  Ask yourself if it will help you get something accomplished, otherwise does it really need to be done?  It's OK to leave something on your list , if you find its still there after a long period of time then maybe you just cross it off and forget it.

  5. Remove physical distractions - have an uncluttered workspace that has all the tools you may need to get something done so you don't have to lose an hour when you get up to look for a pen.  Then add some headphones with some kind of audio that can be running in the background of your mind and allows you to focus.  Try the focus@will app.  They have music that's optimized for different situations (including 1 or 2 for ADHD).  It's $10/month but you can get 2 free weeks to try it out, if it works for you maybe you can find some similar music and just download it onto your phone.

What do you use that helps keep you productive?

​​​​​​​That's it for now, so go take some action and create your incredible life, I’m here to help and so is everyone in the My ADHD Entrepreneur Life Facebook group!  Just let us know. Make sure to say hello and introduce yourself.


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