• Cindy Drako

Do you take on too much at once?

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

I find that I often take on multiple huge projects at the same time. Like right now, I'm in the middle of selling my house, downsizing from 2,000 sf to 700 sf, AND prepping to launch my membership site (which includes building out the technical platform, creating courses, marketing and advertising etc). To make matters worse I'll be launching the membership on August 1st and moving just a couple of days later on August 4th.

For most this is a productivity killer, but I find that I'm MUCH more productive when I have a ton on my plate then when I have very little.

I think this is because by upping the pressure on ourselves, by increasing the urgency, by creating crisis, we are forcing our brains to give us the same hit of dopamine neurotypicals get that motivates them to get something done and then gives them a sense of satisfaction, even in the smallest, most mundane tasks.

This is when I really thrive, when I have more energy and when find myself creating list, sticking to them and getting some sense of satisfaction by crossing items off one at a time. It's also a time when my house is actually not cluttered, dishes aren't in the sink and there isn't cat hair covering everything.

Once this period is over, I'll be back to being bored, unmotivated to do anything and looking for the next big project that ultimately has my family saying "Oh no, what is she up to this time!".

… and the cycle repeats itself.

Living a life jumping from one fire drill to the next may not be for everyone, but it works for me.

Do you do this too? Comment below and let me know I'm not the only one!

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