• Cindy Drako

How I Found Time For My Business

Consistently, I hear about 2 major challenges that people worry about when thinking about starting a business. One is time and the other is money.

Today I want to talk a little bit about the first and next week I'll get into the second.

I think time is a bit more of an issue for us ADHDers. We always think we're going to have plenty of it then we're left wondering where it went. There are several reasons for this:

  • We always underestimate how long something will take

  • We take a lot longer to get started on something

  • We get distracted so easily that we're always losing time just trying to get back to what we were doing

  • We're often not sure what we should be doing right now so we take even more time to figure that out

  • And… we get stuck in what I call productive procrastination, we feel like we're accomplishing something important but we're really just avoiding whatever it is we should actually be working on

There is also life that gets in the way, or does it?

Sure we may have jobs, maybe even 2, kids, significant others, etc, but when it comes down to it we all have the same 168 hours per week. That's 168 hours for Oprah, 168 hours for Beyonce and 168 hours for you. It's all a matter of prioritization.

I used to be someone who never had time for anything outside of the 40 or 50 or sometimes 60 hours per week for my job that had 2 hours of daily commute on top of it.

But…. When I took a serious look at how I spent my time each day, I realized that I sure was a tv junkie, I read thrillers and romance novels (a lot), I listened to music in the car during my commute, and I spent untold hours doing who knows what online.

I had a choice to make and decide what was more important to me, creating a life of freedom for myself, a life I loved, or watching reruns of Bones and Criminal Minds and tolerating my 9-5. I'm not saying that either are right or wrong, but for me, it was the former. I needed to create my own future.

So take a good long look at where you REALLY spend your time, are there hours here and there that you can squeeze out and do you really want to?

That's it for now, so go take some action and create your incredible life.


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