• Cindy Drako

Lucky my ass!

One day a guy my husband and I know says to us, "you guys are so lucky".

I was a little confused. I don't really consider myself a lucky person, but I define lucky as winning the lotto, doing well at the casino or getting a prize in a drawing. So I asked him to elaborate.

He says, "I can't seem to make anything work, and you guys just step in shit, every damn time, and opportunities just fall in your lap".

Well, it takes an awful lot to get my Irish up, but that did it, and for once I was able to control my ADHD ability to blurt things out without thinking. I just kept my mouth shut and didn't respond at all.

Now, I would consider this guy a pretty negative person. He's always complaining, skeptical about something or ready with a cynical comment or a reason why something won't work. He's also lazy, truly lazy, not the kind of lazy we punish ourselves about because our ADHD brains redirected us somewhere else. And a blame-shifter, not actually responsible for anything himself, it's always someone else's fault. You may know the type.

See, I believe in the Samuel Goldwyn quote, "the harder I work, the luckier I get", so I kept my mouth shut because he was not going to get it anyway.

We have to make our own luck, it doesn't fall out of the sky.

We have to dazzle, which our ADHD superpowers give us the ability to do. We have to take risks, our lack of impulse control make us risk takers. And… we have to put ourselves out there. Opportunities don't happen when we don't leave our living rooms.

We have to get out and meet people, let people get to know us, what we can do and the value we have to offer. We constantly have to keep our eyes open to recognize an opportunity as it comes around and we need the courage to go for it when it does.

And finally… we need to be ok with failing. This is something many of us sometimes have a hard time with because we take it personally, equate it with not being normal, not being good enough, not following through, forgetting something etc. And sometimes that is the case, but if we expect to succeed as entrepreneurs then we then we need to be able to try new things, fail, learn from them, try again and repeat until we find what works for us.

So, do you feel lucky?


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