• Cindy Drako

OMG!! I Just Lost A Whole Day!

Have you ever done that?

I had big plans to get things done yesterday, then…   someone in a Facebook group asked about what planners everyone was using.

This drew my interest because I had been successfully using my bullet journal for about a year and a half but lately, I've just been carrying it around and not even opening it (you know the routine right?). 

Not long after, I had about 20 different tabs open on Chrome, each to a planner someone recommended in the comments.  Before I knew it, I had wasted most of the day, and still hadn't even picked a damn planner!!

We do what we can to minimize them, like turning off notifications on our phones, but then mom calls, urgently asking you to call the trash collection folks in her town because they drove down her street but didn't empty her can, (yes this happened yesterday).  So you get online, look up the number and call.  While I you're on hold, you open Facebook, and then BAM! there it is, and hours seem to dissolve right before your eyes.

See, the thing is, we have ADHD, which is actually a misnomer.  We do not have a deficit of attention, we have an abundance of it.  But what is does mean is that we are usually unable to block things out.  We lack the filters that others have to block out distractions like electronics, sights, sounds or other changes in our environment.

Now, many of us would then beat ourselves up, for wasting the time, or for not getting something done.  We might even use it as an excuse to say "I knew I wouldn't be able to do this, I may as well quit now", but it was just one day, so what! 

You'll get back on track today (and so will I) and yesterday will be forgotten about.

So silence that inner critic, stop being so hard on yourself and get back to it!

​​​​​​​That's it for now, so go take some action and create your incredible life, I’m here to help and so is everyone in the My ADHD Entrepreneur Life Facebook group!  Just let us know. Make sure to say hello and introduce yourself.

Stay incredible,



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